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Airdhana is a member of the Hardaykin, a race of elves who lived in the Igneous Mountains that guarded one of the nine known gates of the Thralaar’s Hell.

On Judgement day, the gate of the Igneous Mountains suffered the most devastating attack in history by the Demon Horde of Thralaar. It was during the battle that Airdhana, who commanded a group of soldiers in charge of defending the academy, accidentally went into the gates of hell, the gates closed behind her. Airdhana battled her way in hell until she finally returned to our world by another portal five years later. There are those who say that when she fights, the hellfire can be seen fully reflected in her eyes.

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Airdhana, the last Hardaykin

The Hardaykin where an elven race who lived in the Igneous Mountains. “Hardaykin” literally means “elf of lava”, and where known for their forge mastery, rivalling even the dwarfs one. But first and foremost, they were known for guerdoning one of the nine known gates of the Thralaar’s Hell.

The gates of hell were sealed with magic long time ago, but it died out, in order to fight against the daemons of Thralaar, magic was replaced by cold steel. In the beginning, when magic become extinct, demon incursions decimated the population of Hardaykin, but elves major in combat, and improved their weapons.

Years later, when demons pass through the portal, hardly ever an elf lost their life. The defenses of the elves were so effectiveness, as many races sent their best warriors to train and learn from the Hardaykin, founding the most prestigious combat academy at the moment.

Perhaps, for this reason, on Judgement day, the gate of the Igneous Mountains took the brunt of the attack. The high-ranking warlords of Thralaar ant their elite tropes focused there. They outnumbered Hardaykins one to one hundred. They resisted for less than three days. In the evening of the second day, Airdhana and her soldiers held off the siege to the academy, but they were about to collapse; demons do not need sleep, but their soldiers did. Each hour their strength was reduced.

Airdhana, knowing her end was near, decided to make them pay deadly her death, causing maximum damage, charging with her remaining soldiers against the entourage of a demon lord who walked in the gate. They armed themselves with everything they found at the arsenal of the academy. They went out the fortress by a side corridor. Getting as close as possible without being detected, they prepared the final assault. At that time, a mighty priest demon stepped the portal, the god of death gave her a final present, before taking her soul, Airdhana accepted the gift. With a mute gesture, she agreed her soldiers’ bravery, and addressed them to the priest, commanding them for the last time. She was exhausted, but she felt nothing than the grip of the sword and the ground under her feet. Her soldiers opened a passage with their arrows, while Airdhana jumped over her target, who was starting to enter in this world. The attack was lethal, but something went wrong. The half-materialized body of the demon, was pierced by their weapons in an unusually simple way. Its meat did not torn-up, instead, strange vortex of energy emerged from its body like moving magical distorted hematomas. Airdhana, destabilized by the lack of resistence of the body of the demon, hit the ground, going though the portal of hell, while the gates closed behind her.

Twelve hours later, the last one of the Hardaykin guarding the mountains expired in the face of overwhelming of the demon horde. Many months and soldiers from different kingdoms were necessary to take back the Igneous Mountains, toking many years to restore the impact of the Judgement day battle, as it became known.

No witnesses was able to tell what happened in that terrible struggle, until five years later, through the portal of the forest Var-Thorien, the last Hardaykin came back from hell.